Newly appointed team to grow sales and awareness of the Persson brand in South Korea

Thinking sustainable packaging can be a world full of fun and inspiration. And that world of paper handles and sustainability just got a lot bigger for Persson. We are happy to announce our new expansion into South Korea, a market that looks very promising, where we will accelerate our efforts to grow, starting with two new regional appointments.

John Lee, Sales Manager North America and South Korea, and local distributor Sang Il Han.

South Korea appointments

Effective immediately we are setting up a new organization in the region with local distributor Sang Il Han and John Lee who is currently the Sales Manager North America, who will be responsible for developing both regions.

“Sang Il has long experience working as a converter throughout Korea, and over time has developed a deep knowledge of the Korean packaging market, so we are very happy to have him in our team” says Andreas Carlson Director of Global Sales.

John Lee joined Persson just a short while ago and has 7+ years in the packaging industry. He will continue to identify and track new key accounts and maintain relationships with the existing solid base of our North American customers along now with those in South Korea.

“John Lee’s knowledge of “making the shift from plastic to paper” will pay dividends in helping our customers in South Korea save tons of plastic by adding a paper handle” says Andreas Carlson.

Andreas continues “our customers in South Korea recognize that by adding a handle not only does it make a product easier to carry, but they also stand out and gain higher visibility from the point of purchase to being carried home for unpacking.”

Persson’s in-house critical technical know-how has a long history of successfully helping and supporting converters. We help our clients with product innovation and differentiation through new product designs, handle samples, pricing options, applicator machine spec’s and tapping into 40+ years of global packaging experience.

“With this great team in place, Persson will focus on strengthening its position in the South Korean market and continue to be the natural choice when it comes to an environmentally friendly paper handles” says Andreas Carlson.

For more information contact; Andreas Carlson, Director of Global Sales


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