PACK EXPO International in Chicago is finally here

Persson Innovation is thrilled that PACK EXPO international in Chicago is here. In booth W-26011 you get the chance meet Matthew Cassano, Key Account Manager NA, and John Lee, Sales Manager US, representing the company and excited to raise awareness of sustainable and innovative paper handles. We took the opportunity to ask them a few questions during the trade show.

Matthew Cassano, Key Account Manager NA, and John Lee, Sales Manager US.

PACK EXPO International is finally here. How does it feel and how’s the pulse in the exhibition hall?

“Ecstatic! We waited all year for PACK EXPO International and cannot be more excited to raise awareness of sustainable, innovative paper handles. Both visitors and exhibitors are inquisitive and engaging, everyone is fascinated and enthusiastic with our products. Having such a charming booth and sales team helps tremendously,” says John.

The are more than one reason why it’s important to attend to exhibitions like PACK EXPO. It’s not only a great way to meet current customers in-person – It’s also a great opportunity to follow the development in the industry and to create relations with new customers.

“We think it’s important to raise awareness and be closer to manufacturers and customers. We are here to expand our footprint in the US and further our reach on new markets. It is imperative to spread our sustainability values and environmental impacts to current and new customers, ” says John.

“I’m excited to be exhibiting at a major industry trade show again, to see so many familiar faces, and to have conversations with folks who are just as passionate about packaging innovation as I am. All visitors can expect a diverse group of packaging professionals who are willing to share knowledge and resources about their products and services and who are equally motivated to learn about what’s important to them and to their business. It’s great to be back here at PACK EXPO,” says Matthew.

Last but not least, why is it important to re-think packaging?

“The fact is the packaging industry is always evolving, never static, with regards to materials, automation, and consumer preferences. Therefore, we as a manufacturer need to stay ahead of these trends and that means not only re-thinking how we make our product, but also how we market and distribute our products,” says Matthew.

You’ll find Persson Innovation at PACK EXPO in Chicago, booth W-26011, between October 23-26. If you have a hard time getting here, or if you’re curious and want know more, do not hesitate to to request a Persson Innovation sample box made up of our growing range of handles –  EcoGrip, SoftGrip and HeavyGrip.


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