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What we have realized after 40 years’ experience in the packaging business is that when it comes to product packaging, what’s on the outside can be just as important as what’s on the inside. Essentially, an effective packaging solution sets out to safeguard a product and at the same time facilitate a positive product experience. So, as end consumers have over the last few years shifted their buying behavior and habits, it has meant that handles have also had to evolve.

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We know from our experience that brand owners are continually looking to use packaging to enhance and differentiate their product. Tapping into the demand for sustainable packaging materials or adapting existing packaging to improve the overall product experience and impact. The team at Persson Innovation are dedicated professionals with extensive global experience that puts us in a strong position to develop a sustainable paper handle proposition for converters and FMCGs.

EcoGrip has been created as the natural choice in more ways than one – made from 100% paper it is better for the environment and its design means that it is comfy to grip and complements packaging.

Product innovation helps CPGs for example to win shelf space, boost customer satisfaction and deliver sales growth. So, with Persson Innovation re-think your approach to packaging design. With SoftGrip, an ergonomic grip means convenience and comfort adding a “premium” feel to your overall product experience.

Our R & D efforts have resulted in HeavyGrip, a reinforced heavy lifting handle tested for both function and strength for lifting or holding heavier products. Aimed at helping CPGs win shelf space, boost customer satisfaction and capture sales growth by standing out.

And if you have not made up your mind which of our growing handle range you would like to see, request the Persson Innovation sample box and have your samples arrive in style.

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