The time is right for that soft summer feeling!

Leave those winter blues far behind now and dive into some of pop’s truest pleasures - kick back, relax and enjoy our “softest” playlist yet.

Re-think packaging. Think SoftGrip. Our softest handle yet!

As always, the team at Persson have been busy curating a list of their very favorite soft tunes, gentle melodies to get you into the mood for the summer months. Blue skies, cotton-candy clouds and the sound of the waves breaking on that idyllic beach.

So, turn the lights down low, draw the curtains and let yourself relax into a sea of softness as you listen to our Spotify list celebrating the best in soft music. A wide and varied range of tunes we dedicate to softness, where we have tried to find something that can be enjoyed by anybody, anywhere.

 Our softest playlist yet … jump in and enjoy!

SoftGrip – Putting the customer experience first!

What’s on the outside can be just as important as what’s on the inside. So, Re-think your attitude to paper with an innovative approach to packaging design. With SoftGrip, an ergonomic grip means convenience and comfort adding a “premium” feel to your overall product experience.

So, Think Premium! Think SoftGrip. Check out our re-think packaging video below – we want to get you into the mood to start celebrating summer!



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